Terms and Con­di­tions

1. Intro­duc­tory note

These Gen­eral Terms and Con­di­tions (GTC) rep­re­sent an inte­gral part of the con­tract between Zico tur­izam d.o.o., with reg­is­tered seat at: HR-​10 000 Zagreb, Mra­zovićeva 7, Repub­lic of Croa­tia, VAT ID No. HR-​18947907582, ID code HR-​AB-​01050015899 (agency) on the one hand and the client on the other hand. These GTC apply exclu­sively. No sup­ple­men­tary agree­ments have been made and we do not rec­og­nize any client con­di­tions that are con­trary to these GTC, unless we have expressly agreed to such con­di­tions in writing.

2. Book­ing & Deposit

When more than one per­son is trav­el­ling in the same group, the agency will con­duct nego­ti­a­tions with only one mem­ber of the group (PARTY LEADER). The party leader is cho­sen by the rest of the clients as their rep­re­sen­ta­tive in the nego­ti­a­tions with the agency and is the only client that can demand changes in the pro­gramme or con­firm addi­tional expenses. The party leader will be con­sid­ered as the client in charge of con­clud­ing the book­ing process as well as mak­ing the pay­ments which are needed to con­firm the book­ing. The client may book a tour by plac­ing a book­ing order in the Zico tur­izam office, on the Zico tur­izam web site, by phone, by fax, by email or by other means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. After pro­cess­ing the client’s book­ing order, the agency shall issue a writ­ten bud­get for the tour and a con­tract, com­mu­ni­cat­ing it to the client through the client’s pre­ferred method of writ­ten com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The accep­tance of the bud­get by the client shall become final and legally bind­ing upon either the sign­ing of the con­tract or mak­ing a par­tial deposit pay­ment (30% of the price of the pack­age per per­son) or in full (if the book­ing is made within 4 weeks before the depar­ture). By doing so, the client rec­og­nizes to have care­fully stud­ied, under­stood and accepted all the GTC. Once the agency has received and processed your book­ing and the pay­ments required to con­firm it, the agency will issue a book­ing con­fir­ma­tion, as well as a pre­pay­ment invoice for the amount paid (the final invoice shall be issued upon the com­ple­tion of all ser­vices on the tour con­tracted between the client and the agency). The book­ing con­fir­ma­tion will also include the early pay­ment price guar­an­tee date (sec­tion 7). The agency reserves the right to decline or fail to process the book­ing order, in which case the client shall be informed in writ­ing with­out delay. The deposit shall be refunded in full if the agency declines the book­ing order. In case of can­cel­la­tion of the accepted book­ing by the client, the pro­vi­sions from sec­tion 8 shall apply.

3. Pay­ment

Pay­ment details are agreed upon in the con­tract. Pay­ment for the ser­vices agreed upon in the Con­tract may be done by the party leader, by money wire to the agency’s IBAN, by dic­tat­ing the credit card details to the agency, using online or offline pay­ment when pur­chas­ing the ser­vices by means of remote com­mu­ni­ca­tion, by send­ing a signed credit card autho­riza­tion form, by Pay­Pal, or in other ways that may be stip­u­lated per con­tract. In case of bank trans­fer pay­ment, the bank costs shall be paid by the client. In case of pay­ment via Pay­Pal, we charge an addi­tional 5.5 %. All ser­vice prices are given in EUR and the client’s credit card shall be charged for the agreed amount in local cur­rency – HRK (Croa­t­ian Kuna) accord­ing to the EUR sell­ing rate of Zagre­bačka banka d.d. Zagreb d.d. on pay­ment date. Some dif­fer­ences between the exchange rates in the US, EU and Croa­tia are pos­si­ble, and the client accepts the Zagre­bačka banka d.d. exchange rate.

4. Invoice

The final invoice shall be made out to the client’s name upon the com­ple­tion of all the ser­vices included in the tour and the con­tract. The client will receive a pre­pay­ment invoice for the deposit pay­ment as well as for all out­stand­ing amounts. All out­stand­ing amounts must be paid 4 weeks before depar­ture. The pre­cise date will be shown on the tour bud­get and spec­i­fied by the contract.

5. Pric­ing

Tour pack­age prices are given per per­son, based on dou­ble occu­pancy (unless stated oth­er­wise in the tour pro­gram). Pack­age prices listed in the pro­gram include: trans­port ser­vices, hotel ser­vices on B&B basis, travel arrange­ments, tick­ets for the facil­i­ties vis­ited (if not stated oth­er­wise), and guided tours (if not stated oth­er­wise). The pack­age price does not include the fol­low­ing (unless agreed oth­er­wise and con­firmed in writ­ing): optional excur­sions and day trips, costs of obtain­ing visas (if any), air­fare costs and air­port fees, meals and drinks not men­tioned in the pro­gram as included, gra­tu­ities and tips, room ser­vice and mini bar expenses, laun­dry ser­vice at the hotels, and Wi-​Fi expenses when charged by the accom­mo­da­tion facil­i­ties. All types of spe­cial ser­vices (spe­cial dietary require­ments, sin­gle room accom­mo­da­tion, aller­gies, health require­ments, accom­mo­da­tion of a cat­e­gory supe­rior to the one pro­posed or pub­lished) must be booked by the client at ini­tial book­ing, as per book­ing order. If such requests are made dur­ing the tour, the client shall pay the applic­a­ble price dif­fer­ences on site, either to the agency’s rep­re­sen­ta­tive to whom the request is made dur­ing the tour or to another per­son stip­u­lated by the agency’s rep­re­sen­ta­tive. The agency may decide to upgrade the client’s accom­mo­da­tion with­out any sur­charge for the client. The prices pro­vided in the bud­get or con­tract, are prices con­tracted between the agency and local part­ners and ser­vice providers and as such and may not nec­es­sar­ily cor­re­spond to the prices stated on the spot, at the des­ti­na­tion at which the client is stay­ing. If not stip­u­lated oth­er­wise either in the bud­get or in the con­tract, no spe­cial dis­counts shall be applied to any mem­ber of the client’s fam­ily or group trav­el­ling together. Child dis­counts shall be pointed out if applic­a­ble. Under no cir­cum­stances shall the agency be obliged to pro­vide the break­down of the costs included in the package.

6. Price increase

The agency reserves the right to increase the con­tracted price in the case of: change of HRK/​EUR exchange rate or HRK/​USD exchange rate, change in trans­port costs (fuel, road toll), or change in facil­i­ties costs. The client shall be informed on the increase in writ­ing, by an e-​mail pro­vid­ing proof that the increase occurred after the con­tract was signed. If the price increase is larger than 10%, the client may can­cel the tour with­out any charges. If the client does not object to the increase within 48 hours after the writ­ten (e-​mail) notice, the agency shall con­sider that the client agrees with the changed price.

7. Price guarantee

In case the client decides to pay the full amount on the receipt of the book­ing con­fir­ma­tion, before the date stated on the book­ing con­fir­ma­tion as the early pay­ment price guar­an­tee dead­line, the pack­age price will be com­pletely guar­an­teed by the agency and there will be no fur­ther price increases.

8. Can­cel­la­tion policy

Should one of the clients decide to can­cel a book­ing once it was con­firmed, Zico tur­izam shall keep the fol­low­ing amounts from the full pack­age price:

70 or more days before the jour­ney 20% of the total price

6940 days before the jour­ney 30% of the total price

3928 days before the jour­ney 75% of the total price

270 days before the jour­ney 100% of the total price

In case of can­cel­la­tion, the client (trav­el­ling alone) or party leader (more than one per­son) must imme­di­ately advise us in writ­ing by recorded deliv­ery mail, e-​mail or fax. The same can­cel­la­tion fees shall apply for any change of the depar­ture date, accom­mo­da­tion facil­ity, room or apart­ment type, as well as any other major changes, when requested by the client. If the client should find another user for the same book­ing, the agency shall charge only the imme­di­ate cost caused by the switch. The cost of obtain­ing the visa is non-​refundable, regard­less of the moment of can­cel­la­tion. For any can­cel­la­tion or short­en­ing of the jour­ney on behalf of the client that is due to bad weather con­di­tions, the above can­cel­la­tion fees shall apply. Any can­cel­la­tion caused by the delay of pub­lic trans­port is beyond the respon­si­bil­ity of the agency and the agency shall not be held liable for any short­en­ing or can­cel­la­tion due to such cir­cum­stances. The client is enti­tled to the refund from the client’s insur­ance com­pany of the amount not reim­bursed by the agency, as per the above scale for the cir­cum­stances stip­u­lated expressly by the insur­ance pol­icy that the client con­tracted directly or through the agency, which pur­chased the insur­ance pol­icy on the client’s behalf. All terms and con­di­tions of reim­burse­ment are con­tracted directly between the client and client’s insur­ance com­pany or by con­tract­ing the insur­ance pol­icy on behalf of the client by the agency. The agency may not be held liable for any decline of reim­burse­ment by the insur­ance com­pany to the client directly or via agency act­ing on behalf of the client. Should the client wish to rebook an alter­na­tive ser­vice instead of the can­celled one, it is at the dis­cre­tion of the agency to trans­fer some or all of the funds already paid by the client in favour of the alter­na­tive booking.

9. Trip can­cel­la­tion insurance

Pur­chas­ing trip can­cel­la­tion insur­ance allows cus­tomers to receive a refund for a tour when a cus­tomer must can­cel a tour for rea­sons cov­ered by this insur­ance. Trip can­cel­la­tion insur­ance is charged at con­tract con­clu­sion and can­not be paid sub­se­quently. Cir­cum­stances cov­ered by the trip can­cel­la­tion insur­ance are stated by the insur­ance com­pany (Allianz) if the agency is pur­chas­ing the trip can­cel­la­tion insur­ance on behalf of the client. Other cir­cum­stances may be cov­ered if the client pur­chases trip can­cel­la­tion insur­ance pol­icy directly from the insur­ance com­pany. The Insurer shall indem­nify travel can­cel­la­tion costs if the trip in ques­tion is can­celled because of any of the fol­low­ing events affect­ing the Insured per­son himself/​herself or any risk person:

Death Sud­den acute ill­ness which requires urgent med­ical care Acci­dent involv­ing severe bod­ily injury Preg­nancy dis­or­ders Vac­ci­na­tion intol­er­ance which the Insured was obliged to take accord­ing to applic­a­ble legal reg­u­la­tions of the coun­try of des­ti­na­tion Losses of and/​or dam­ages to prop­erty caused by fire, nat­ural dis­as­ter or delib­er­ate crim­i­nal act of a third party Mil­i­tary exercise

Risk per­sons within the mean­ing of these Terms and Con­di­tions are:

Spouse or co-​resident common-​law spouse Chil­dren Par­ents Sib­lings Grand­par­ents of the insured per­son or of the Insured person’s spouse or co-​resident common-​law spouse only in the case of occur­rence of death

FULL TERMS AND CON­DI­TIONS OF THE INSUR­ANCE CAN BE FOUND HERE: Allianz insur­ance pack­age terms and con­di­tions. If the client did not pay trip can­cel­la­tion insur­ance, and he/​she must can­cel the tour due to the cir­cum­stances stated, Zico tur­izam (Zico tur­izam d.o.o.) reserves the right of pay­ment spec­i­fied in Sec­tion 8.

10. Changes and can­cel­la­tion by the agency

Zico tur­izam reserves the right to make full or par­tial changes to the pro­gramme in the case that extra­or­di­nary cir­cum­stances that could not have been antic­i­pated or avoided occur before the start of the tour. Zico tur­izam reserves the right to change tour start date or time in case of: changed flight sched­ule, unfavourable safety con­di­tions in the coun­try, and unfavourable weather con­di­tions. The agency has no con­trol over such events, and is there­fore unable to accept respon­si­bil­ity for them. If the tour is can­celled by Zico tur­izam, the client is enti­tled to the repay­ment of the full amount. Where we are obliged to change or end your jour­ney after depar­ture, but before the end of your jour­ney, as a result of cir­cum­stances beyond our con­trol that occur dur­ing the tour, the agency will not pay com­pen­sa­tion or reim­burse the client for the expenses incurred. The client must have ade­quate travel insur­ance for the jour­ney and should claim the com­pen­sa­tion on the basis of the insur­ance pol­icy con­tracted with the insur­ance com­pany for any loss or dam­age to lug­gage and/​or per­sonal possessions.

11. Force Majeure

The com­pany (agency) accepts no respon­si­bil­ity for and shall not be liable in respect of loss or dam­age or changes caused by force majeure events such as strikes, riots, polit­i­cal unrest, war hos­til­i­ties, or threat of war, ter­ror­ist activ­ity, indus­trial dis­putes, fire, flood, nat­ural or nuclear dis­as­ter, unfavourable weather con­di­tions or sim­i­lar events beyond our control.

12. Addi­tional insurances

Insur­ance from the con­se­quences of acci­dent and ill­ness, insur­ance from the risk of dam­age and loss of bag­gage and vol­un­tary health insur­ance of per­sons dur­ing trav­el­ling and stay­ing abroad are not included in the tour prices, but the agency can arrange for pre­vi­ously men­tioned insur­ances to be added to the tour price. The agency strongly rec­om­mends that the addi­tional insur­ances be con­tracted before the tour in the inter­est of the client. Addi­tional insur­ances can be con­tracted with the insur­ance com­pany directly or through the agency on behalf of the client. By sign­ing the con­tract or pay­ing the deposit for the tour, the client shall be deemed to have been offered and rec­om­mended addi­tional insurances.

13. Client responsibilities

a) Any pass­ports, visas, health cer­tifi­cates or other travel doc­u­men­ta­tion required for the hol­i­day must be obtained by the client(s), whose respon­si­bil­ity it is to ensure that these are in order and that they met any addi­tional incurred costs (whether by the client(s) or by the agency on behalf of the client(s) as a result of the fail­ure to com­ply with such requirements).

b) The client(s) shall be respon­si­ble for check­ing and con­firm­ing the dates and times of flights shown on their air­line tick­ets. The client(s) shall be respon­si­ble for checking-​in at the cor­rect time and pre­sent­ing them­selves to take up all pre-​booked com­po­nents of the hol­i­day. The agency can­not accept respon­si­bil­ity for client’s miss­ing flights as a result of late check-​ins. No credit or refunds will be given for lost, mis­laid or destroyed travel doc­u­ments, or any unused ser­vices included in the hol­i­day price.

c) The client shall be per­son­ally respon­si­ble for any dam­age he/​she causes. Full pay­ment for any such dam­age or loss (includ­ing lost keys) must be paid directly and imme­di­ately to the accom­mo­da­tion owner, man­ager, or other supplier.

d) All clients are expected to show con­sid­er­a­tion for other peo­ple and the laws of the coun­try they are vis­it­ing. In case of the vio­la­tion of the reg­u­la­tions by the client that lead to the ter­mi­na­tion of the tour, the agency shall have no fur­ther respon­si­bil­ity toward such client(s), includ­ing in respect to any return travel arrange­ments. No refunds will be made and we shall not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the ter­mi­na­tion. The agency rec­om­mends that clients take out ade­quate travel, health and acci­dent insur­ance as well as trip can­cel­la­tion insurance.

14. Agency responsibilities

The agency shall apply all rea­son­able checks to ensure that those involved in the prepa­ra­tion and pro­vi­sion of your hol­i­day main­tain appro­pri­ate stan­dards. The descrip­tions, infor­ma­tion and opin­ions given in our brochures, printed or elec­tronic mate­ri­als, or on the web­site of the agency in respect of the air­lines, hotels and other sup­pli­ers whose ser­vices are used are given in good faith, based on the lat­est infor­ma­tion avail­able at the time of com­pi­la­tion. The agency has the respon­si­bil­ity to pro­vide all the con­tracted ser­vices to the client. The agency has the respon­si­bil­ity to pro­vide answers in the case of poten­tial fail­ure to pro­vide ser­vices stip­u­lated in the con­tract. The agency is respon­si­ble to ful­fil all the ser­vices and oblig­a­tions from the pro­gramme, except in the event of force majeure or changes in cir­cum­stances. In such cases sub­sti­tute solu­tions will be offered to the client if avail­able by the agency. The agency is not oblig­ated to pro­vide ser­vices beyond these Terms and Conditions.

15. Com­plaints

The client(s) shall note his/​her com­plaints in the book of com­plaints directly at the ser­vice provider’s, who will endeav­our to pro­vide the agreed ser­vice, i.e. cor­rect mis­takes. If there is no improve­ment even after the com­plaint is noted, the cus­tomer should ask for a cer­tifi­cate from which it is evi­dent that the ser­vice has not been pro­vided, i.e. that it has not been pro­vided in the stip­u­lated man­ner. The client is to enclose the cer­tifi­cate to his/​her writ­ten com­plaint. The client is to make a writ­ten com­plaint at the lat­est 8 days after the end of the jour­ney. If the client makes a writ­ten com­plaint after the expiry of that term, the agency is not obliged to take such a com­plaint into con­sid­er­a­tion and the client shall restrain from any neg­a­tive reviews, neg­a­tive pub­lic­ity, or any other legal action. For the resolv­ing of com­plaints regard­ing ser­vices abroad, the client must com­ply with the rule of report­ing the com­plaint and issu­ing of the cer­tifi­cate on the spot, as well as with the dead­line for sub­mit­ting the com­plaint. The agency is obliged to give a writ­ten response – deci­sion regard­ing the com­plaint within 14 days after the receipt of the com­plaint, and it can post­pone the term for mak­ing the deci­sion about the com­plaint by another 14 days on account of col­lect­ing the infor­ma­tion. The agency shall resolve only such com­plaints that could not be elim­i­nated on the spot. While the pro­ce­dure of resolv­ing the com­plaint is under way, but 14, i.e. 28 days after the lodg­ing of the com­plaint at the most, the cus­tomer waives the right of medi­a­tion by any other per­son, arbi­tra­tion by UHPA or ASTA or another insti­tu­tion, as well as pro­vid­ing infor­ma­tion to the media. Dur­ing the same period, the cus­tomer also waives the right to insti­gat­ing a claim. The max­i­mum amount of com­pen­sa­tion per com­plaint may reach the amount of the adver­tised part of ser­vices, but it may not include the ser­vices already used, or the entire pack­age amount. The client and the agency shall endeav­our to resolve dis­putes in mutual agree­ment. If this is not pos­si­ble, they stip­u­late the juris­dic­tion of the court in Split. The applic­a­ble law shall be the respec­tive law of the Repub­lic of Croatia.

16. War­ranty for the case of insol­vency of the agency

In accor­dance with the law on tourist activ­ity, in the improb­a­ble case of agency insol­vency, clients affected by such a cir­cum­stance while trav­el­ling, as well as per­sons that paid any amount for travel to the agency, should con­tact the insur­ance pol­icy provider stip­u­lated in the con­tract as soon as possible.

17. Final provisions

These GTC are an inte­gral part of the con­tract between the client and the agency. Pos­si­ble devi­a­tions from these GTC must be stip­u­lated by the text of the pro­gramme or the con­tract. By sign­ing the con­tract or bud­get or by pay­ing any part of the price or the entire pack­age price, the client fully accepts the pro­gram and all the con­di­tions of the travel. The issue of these GTC excludes all ear­lier issues.